Badminton Giant is a division of Tennis Giant.


Conceived in 2017, Tennis Giant is an authorized Canadian online retailer for the industry’s leading brands, the exclusive distributor for Prince Sports and Lotto Sports for the territory of Quebec, as well a classic pro shop establishment with locations in multiple private tennis clubs. Every brick-and-mortar pro shop store is designed to offer everyday players the daily essentials and services while adding a unique experience of having an entire warehouse of inventory at their fingertips.


With the meteoric rise of Canadian tennis, Tennis Giant instantly captured the imagination and support of industry veterans and tour circuit professionals fast-tracking its growth into the progressive nationwide retailer it is today. We offer an array of premium products, ranging from our own in-house label to a curated selection of multi-brand racquets, gear, apparel, footwear, and court equipment.


With a newly constructed 30,000 square-foot headquarters, Tennis Giant lives up to its name as Canada’s largest retail tennis company. Redefining the traditional shopping experience by merging products and play into a seamless unique event.


Founded by Eric Jordan at the age of 26, a prominent figure in the tennis community fortunate enough to have grown up playing with many of today’s ATP players. Conceptualizing Tennis Giant as an extension of himself, Eric seeks to shift the current landscape of the tennis market, while continuously thriving to answer the ceaseless question: “Why can’t Canadians obtain the same exciting tennis gear as their neighbours south of the border?”